Free Automatic Photo Collage Maker – Shape Collage


Shape Collage is a free software for creating photo collages automatically.

With Shape Collage, you can create collage in any imaginable shape or form, including the ready to use templates or the ones that you can create from scratch.

Shape Collage -Free Automatic Photo Collage Maker

It creates collages using an intelligent machine learning algorithm that automatically places the photos in the collage and can arrange the photos to form different shapes. Even you can save the collage as an GIF, JPEG & PSD format, and edit the collage afterwards in Photoshop.

Images used in Collage can be selected from the computer or web. And, they are totally customizable:

  • Adjust the collage size, size of the photos, number of photos, and spacing between photos
  • Change the background, the colour of the border, and more

Shape Collage is a Multilanguage, multiplatform  software which available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Java Web Start versions .

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