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As Web designers we are always in search of new tutorials and resources, tips, tricks for our readers . Today we listed free creative User friendly icon sets etc. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible. Free User friendly icon sets for Download:

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1. YellowIcon Crystal Set :

YellowIcon Crystal Set

2.OpenPhone Pack :

OpenPhone-Pack 3.Aqua Neue (Graphite):

Aqua Neue (Graphite)

4.Egypt Icons:

Egypt Icons

5.Dracula Icons :

Dracula Icons 6.Don Quixote Icons :

Don Quixote Icons

7.Cook Icons :

Cook Icons 8.Circus :

Circus 9.Chespirito :


10.Windows Icons V1 :

Windows Icons V1 11.Vista-Inspirate :


12 umiicons full :

umiicons full

13.Icons: Systematrix Full :

Systematrix Full

14.Exempli Gratia :

Exempli Gratia 15.Super Mario Icons :

Super Mario Icons16. Concave Icons :


17.Le Esta Icon Set :


18.Q’s Vista Ready Icons :

Q's Vista Ready Icons

19. iKons Monitors :

iKons Monitors 

20.Christmas Icons :

Christmas Icons

21.Onyx Leopardized :

Onyx Leopardized 22.Star Wars – by :

Star_Wars___by_YellowIcon_com_by_everaldo 23.Slika 1.0 Device Icons :

Slika 1.0 Device Icons 24.Made Of Wood :


25.Reflections SRI :

Reflections SRI

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