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Gmail is a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. And maybe even fun. Gmail is a free POP3 and IMAP webmail service provided by Google.

30 useful Tools For Gmail

Gmail is most famous and advanced email service Keep unwanted messages out of your inbox before they come to your inbox with Google’s innovative technology.

Firefox Tools :


  1. Better Gmail

    Better Gmail come with best Grease monkey user scripts for Gmail into a single package, like hierarchical labels, an unread message icon on your browser tab, file attachment icons, and more. All Grease monkey user scripts are Only compatible with the new Gmail interface.

  2. Gmail Manager

    Gmail manager help you to manage multiple Gmail accounts,receive new mail notifications, view unread messages right from your browser status bar. Now it’s easy to manage your all Gmail Account in one .

  3. Integrated Gmail

    Integrated Gmail allow you to make the Inbox Collapsible and loads your choice of Google Calendar, Reader, Notebook, Groups, Maps, Picasa, Sites, News and Portfolio plus Custom URLs and Google Gadgets seamlessly into the Gmail interface below the inbox using a collapsible box.

  4. Gmail Notifier

    Gmail Notifier allows you to monitor multiple Gmail accounts right inside your browser’s UI.

  5. Xoopit for Gmail

    Xoopit allow you to do a web search while composing a mail in Gmail and add results directly to your message. Get information, contact details and more about the people in Gmail’s conversation view by using integration with your Facebook account.

  6. GTDInbox

    GTDInbox transforms Gmail into a powerhouse of productivity and manageability. It gives you a faster, more task-orientated, better inbox. GTDInbox is a Getting Things Done tool that transforms emails into tasks, enabling you to process them much more efficiently.

  7. WebMail Ad Blocker

    WebMail Ad Blocker allow you to Block ads on the right hand side of the screen when using Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and Gmail thereby expanding your message space.

  8. GPhotospace

    GPhotospace is a easy way to share photos online. Nice free photo album builder works elegantly with Firefox and Gmail. Use your existing Gmail account or create a new one for use with GPhotoSpace. Create Unlimited photo albums, store them and share them instantly with GPhotospace.

  9. Gmail Drive

    Gmail Drive creates a virtual file system on top of your Google Gmail account and enables you to save and retrieve files stored on your Gmail account directly from inside Windows Explorer. Gmail Drive literally adds a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder, where you can create new folders, copy and drag ‘n’ drop files into virtual Gmail Drive .

  10. Gmail S/MIME

    With Gmail S/MIME extension, you can Send and receive signed and encrypted messages in Gmail. Gmail S/MIME is compatible with every S/MIME-capable mail client including Microsoft Outlook (2000-2007), Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple, and now works with Firefox 3.5 and the latest versions of Gmail.

  11. Gmail Search

    Search your Gmail account directly from the Firefox search bar. just put the name of the person in Firefox search bar and without open the Gmail in new window .

  12. Gmail Macros

    Gmail Macros add some basic extra keyboard shortcuts to Gmail like “p” for mark as read and add to archive ,“t” for move to trash, “r” for mark as read.

Greasemonkey Scripts :


  1. Plaxo4Gmail

    Plaxo4Gmail allow you to add Plaxo sync to your gmail account . the script provides many of the same features you find in other Plaxo products. Gmail settings page also includes NEW Plaxo links.

  2. Folders4Gmail

    Organize your labels in a folder-like hierarchy with the Folders4Gmail userscript. It will automatically arrange your labels in a folder-like collapsible hierarchy.

  3. Gmail Filter Assistant

    Gmail Filter Assistant allow you to Add an embedded filter management module in message display page, which makes adding a filter much easier.

  4. Google Account Multi-Login

    It allow you access your multiple Google/Gmail accounts . It replace the “Sign Out” link located in the upper-right corner of the Google services with a drop-down menu. From that menu you can select one of your alternate Google accounts, and it will immediately logout and login to the other without any other user intervention. Just add your Accounts to the drop-down menu just select the “Add Account” option. It will then prompt for your username and password to be stored in Firefox.

  5. LabelLinks4Gmail

    It organize your labels into a tree, search each label through its own search box, and compound search results for any subtree in the labels hierarchy.

  6. Gmail Ctrl+Shift RTL/LTR toggle

    Use Ctrl+Shift in Firefox to switch between RTL and LTR modes in Gmail .

  7. Gmail Growl

    It add Growl style new message notifications for Fluid-based Gmail applications to provide you with new information .

  8. Gmail Favicon Alerts

    Give updates about your Gmail inbox through distinct Favicons.

    • A blue icon show you the how much unread email you have in your Gmail inbox.

      Screenshot: New Mail

    • A Red icon means you’ve read all your mail.

      Screenshot: No New Mail

    • A Speech Bubble icon means someone has sent you a chat message.

      Screenshot: New Chat Message

  9. Gmail small attachment icons

    Gmail small attachment icons help to know what file type that attachment have and help you to protect from virus attack , spam attack and any other malicious software .

    Gmail  small attachment icons

  10. Gmail Date Sorter

    Sort your Gmail Inbox by date and time.

  11. GmailAgenda

    GmailAgenda Integrates your Google Calendar in to your Personal Gmail/Google Apps account as an agenda view that is put on the right side .

  12. Gmail – Zip Attachments and Download

    It allows you to download all the attachments of an email by merely clicking on the paper clip icon.

  13. Hide Gmail Address

    It will hide your Gmail address from non-SSL Google sites when logged in.This script stops that by setting the cookie in question to secure (only sent for encrypted connections).

  14. Gmail Linkify (for Skype)

    Gmail linkify create hyperlink when phone numbers found in Gmail message view pages.When clicking on the link, your Skype will ring and be dialing the number / link you clicked on.

  15. Gmail Super Clean

    Greasemonkey script that will give Gmail a fresh and clean look. Works with Firefox and Greasemonkey. Gmail Super Clean is a Greasemonkey script that renders a snazzy clean Gmail interface.

  16. Gmail Beautifier

    Gmail Beautifier allow to Hides/Shows ads in Gmail, widens email body, removes beta from Gmail logo (disabled by default), & give Fresh New Look to Gmail buttons .

Miscellaneous :

  1. Gmail Music

    Store mp3 files in your Gmail account and play it on your computer using a web-based GUI.

  2. PHP Gmail Drive

    PHP Gmail Drive (PGD) is a set of PHP script for sharing Gmail attachments with others. It automatically logins to Gmail and fetch available file list and allow others to download them.

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