IZWebFileManager – Asp.net 2.0 based file manager


IZWebFileManager is a open source file manager control for ASP.NET 2 compatible with most-used browsers like MS Internet Explorer and Firefox. It works very similar to Windows Explorer and allow you to copy/move/rename/delete (multiple) files and folders at once.

Key Features of IZWebFileManager :

  1. Copying, moving, renaming, deletion of files and folders
  2. Ability to work (copy, move, delete) with several files at once
  3. File upload
  4. Hidden files and folders
  5. Easy duplication of files and folders
  6. Drag & Drop
  7. Right-click context menu (Windows Explorer like)
  8. Common shortcuts supported. Arrow Keys, F5 – refresh, F2 – rename, Enter – default action, Delete
  9. Permission control
  10. Multilanguage supported interface
  11. Full Unicode and Right-to-Left support
  12. cross browser supported
  13. Optimized and compiled for .Net Framework 2.0
  14. Easy to use and easy to install
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