JavaScript HTML-Form encryption plugin – jCryption


jCryption is a JavaScript HTML-Form encryption plugin, which encrypts the POST/GET data submitted by forms.

Normally, when we submit a form, data will be sent in plain text if no SSL is used. But SSL is neither supported by every webhost nor it’s easy to install/apply sometimes. So at this situation jCryption plugin help you to encrypt your data very easily.

JavaScript data encryption plugin

It use public-key algorithm of RSA for the encryption and PHP file for decryption of data. jCryption was tested with all Major browser like; Internet Explorer 6 +, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Safari 3, Opera 9+, Google Chrome.

Some of the features are:

  1. RSA form data encryption up to 2048 bit
  2. Ajax Submit supported
  3. No SSL required
  4. doesn’t block the browser on calculations
  5. easy to install, use and extend

Here is simple Demo of jCryption, You have to adjust nothing if you have a normal HTML form. Just call jCryption on your form.


Demo: jCryption Demo

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