jQuery Flipping Plugin – QuickFlip 2


Quickflip is a jQuery plugin which allow you to flips any piece of HTML markup over like a card. It’s very easy to implement, Just add new script on your web server and applies the necessary styling, so there is no need to include a QuickFlip style sheet or to define the dimensions of the panel you’re flipping . It supports any markup and styling, and uses an animation shortcut that is barely noticeable when fired quickly.


The new version of QuickFlip is faster and even easier to use—simply call the flip animation through a jQuery selector and the QuickFlip will flip the front panel to show its back. QuickFlip 2 is released under the FreeBSD license.

New version of QuickFlip :

  1. $.quickFlip() can be chained from jQuery selectors
  2. New $.quickFlipper() function is a vast improvement to $.quickFlip.flip(), since it can be chained to a jQuery selector and doesn’t need to be passed any information.
  3. $.quickFlipper also initiates $.quickFlip() if it hasn’t been called on the given node.
  4. QuickFlip 2 automatically applies necessary CSS styling, removing need for style sheet inclusion
  5. QuickFlip 2 automatically pulls in CSS dimensions, removing the need to define panel dimensions
  6. Performance tuned
  7. Name spacing issues with other JavaScript libraries resolved
  8. Now compatible with jquery v. 1.3.2 and IE8 .

Demo : Quickflip Demo

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