KnowledgeTree : Free Document Management Application


KnowledgeTree is open source, easily programmable, and flexible PHP-based document management application built with PHP & uses MySQL for storing the data. KnowledgeTree works with Microsoft® Office®, Microsoft® Windows® and Linux®.

KnowledgeTree is specially designed for business people to connects people, processes, and ideas. Collaborate, securely store all your critical documents, address compliance challenges, and focus on providing a simple solution that works for your business.


KnowledgeTree is allow you to create :

  1. Tag Clouds : tagging your document properties, and provide users with a visual overview of document content.
  2. Workflows : it help you in important concepts & discover how to effectively configure the Workflow and all its’ components
  3. categories Document Types : Add document types, field sets and fields, and to associate these elements with each other to create meaningful document properties .
  4. Highlight KnowledgeTree Drop Box : Drag and drop files and folders from your Windows desktop directly into KnowledgeTree and stored in your own private workspace .
  5. Highlight KnowledgeTree search : Perform quick wildcard searches on content and document properties, properties only, or set up Advanced searches, and save your searches for later use .

Features :

  1. Connecting People

    • Speak the same language of your colleagues and coworkers – professional German, French, Italian & English translations available
    • Align security with business roles to control access & monitor document activity .
    • Easily Customize your dashboard view to reflect what’s important for you & your role within your business .
    • Support geographically dispersed teams by accessing KnowledgeTree from anywhere.
    • Work towards the same goals – create, collaborate, communicate & connect with remote coworkers with ease
  2. Connecting Ideas :

    • Store, share & organize your documents to fit in with your style of work .
    • Powerful indexing & intuitive search options ensure that you quickly find the information what you looking for .
    • Scan documents & reduce paperwork
    • easily and Quickly share all your new material – import documents in bulk.
    • Work on the latest material – access all prior versions of your document to avoid redundancies & replicating work
  3. Connecting Processes :

    • Improve customer service
    • standardize working methods to get what you want from your workforce
    • Map processes to business roles to get the right information to the right people .
    • Build & sustain competitive advantage by examining processes & identifying improvements.
    • minimize the cost of doing business by improving your business processes & reducing human processing

Besides those powerful features, the application has a powerful search module which works on numerous document types (Microsoft Office, PDF, OpenOffice, XML, HTML, RTF, text) & offers solutions to improve workflows.

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