Krita – creative application for raster images


Krita is a Open source bitmap editing and drawing application for Koffice suite for Linux User .

With Krita, you can easily create new bitmap images from scratch or work with existing images such as photo’s, scanned images.

Krita - creative application for raster images

Krita is completely different from other graphics design programs because it use pluggable brush engines which support so many brush resources such as Gimp brush files and other sophisticated simulation of real brushes, and deforming your image or mixing colors.

it fully supported to graphics tablets which include features such as pressure, tilt and rate, making it a great choice for artists.

Krita is also offer easy to use tools for drawing lines, ellipses and rectangles, and the freehand tool is supported by pluggable “drawing assistants” that help you draw shapes that still have a freehand feeling to them.

Krita is first Open source bitmap editing and drawing application which offer layer groups and adjustment layers.

So you can easily organize your images and achieve non-destructive layer effects.You can easily import any two images into a single image with no worries – feel free to edit, position, manipulate and save them back into whatever image format you choose.


  • Creating brushes from circles and squares.
  • Filling with color and patterns.
  • Gradients.
  • Erasing.
  • Airbrush.
  • Simple geometric forms.
  • Painting with brushes and colors.
  • Many filters
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