LightCMS – User Friendly CMS for Web Designers

LightCMS is a leading web-based CMS platform specifically designed for Web designers. So you can spend more time designing and less on technical stuff.

LightCMS - full-featured User Friendly CMS for Web Designers

LightCMS is flexible and built for custom website design. Design how you want and designate editable regions where you want you can easily add and edit your content.

Users can add any LightCMS content elements to any region on any page. Elements include everything from simple WYSIWYG editing to advanced features like our amazing form builder, calendar, blog, and more.

It is full-featured web-based CMS, so you never have to spend time-fighting plug-ins, upgrades, or database issues like you do when installing your software.

Features :

  • Simple website management: Create pages, add and edit content, and build your website with easy-to-use tools.
  • Built-in image editor: Upload, resize, crop, rotate, flip and resave images inside the interface—no need to utilize external image editing software when it can do everything right on our system.
  • Web-based WYSIWYG editing: LightCMS is so easy to use. You can easily edit text, add images, embed media, and create links with the Web-based WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Website search: Simple Yet powerful website search box allows your visitors to find the things they’re searching for quickly, and because it’s built-in, you’ll keep those visitors on your website.
  • HTML code access: you can easily switch the visual editing view into the code view. Code view gives advanced editors direct access to the HTML.
  • FTP access: Advanced users can easily upload and manage files and designs directly on the web server via FTP.
  • File management: Upload images, documents, flash files, and other media to the server with easy-to-use controls. Organize your files into folders—Edit images directly on the server.
  • SEO friendly: Standards-based mark-up, clean code, 301 redirections, robots.txt, easy Google Analytics integration, meta tag editing on every page, and sitemap tools ensure your website gets great rankings and is visible in SERP.
  • Cross-browser compatibility : LightCMS is a Cross-browser compatible CMS. It works across all operating systems (Windows and Mac) and all major browsers.

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