lightweight JavaScript web-browser tooltips – CoolTips

CoolTips is a lightweight unobtrusive JavaScript web-browser tooltips replacement technique based on Prototype JS + frameworks for creating good looking tooltips.


CoolTips is an Object oriented style Class, so It doesn’t need any inline JavaScript coding. All you need is to set title attribute on elements.

The contents of title attribute will be shown inside the tooltips and CoolTips will convert them.

You can easily customize the tooltip by using a bunch of parameters or by CSS.

Features of CoolTips

  1. Lightweight : CoolTips is very lightweight and uses industry-standard libraries — prototype and
  2. Customizable look&feel : You can customize the look of different CoolTips instances using bunch of parameters or CSS.
  3. Browser and platform independent : Tested on Windows and Mac. Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 6 & 7.
  4. Supports transitional effects. Fade in &out appearing.
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