Listas – Create Lists to share and organize your web

Listas is a list management tool developed by Microsoft Live Labs team. it allow you to Create and edit lists, keep a list to yourself or share it with others and collaborate with your friends.

Listas - Create Lists to share and organize your web

With Listas, you can easily access to your and your community lists. Subscribe to there feeds, edit wiki-style lists, add favorite users and lists, and even use tags to organize and filter your lists. it’s user-friendly Interface show you the overview of what your friends have been up to and your latest Listas activity.

Listas is very easy to use, you can Create and edit lists with there WYSIWYG editor toolbar. just Double click on any List or hit Edit to enter the edit mode. A slight color change will happen and you will see the WYSIWYG editing toolbar with all your available options, or you can use keyboard shortcuts to create them. Here is some keyboard shortcuts to create Lists.

  • Tab – For Indent item
  • Shift+Tab – For Outdent item
  • Ctrl+T – Add tag to list item (Edit Mode)
  • Shift+Enter – For Line break
  • Esc – Cancel Edit
  • Ctrl+K – Hyperlink
  • Ctrl+B – Bold
  • Ctrl+I – Italic
  • Ctrl+U – Underline

Even it also allows you to Save your search results, add videos, images and all those things which you want from webpages but it’s only possible through the Listas toolbar which currently works only with Internet Explorer.

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