Livebrush – unique motion-based drawing tool


Livebrush is a unique motion-based drawing tool built on Adobe AIR by David Fasullo. It allow you to create beautiful artistic graphics easily and Instantly.


Creating artistic graphics in Livebrush is as easy as drawing a Simple line. The brush tool combines simple motion controls with styles and decorations. Toss graphics around the screen or elegantly swing the brush around your cursor. Livebrush is a such great Free Alternative software for Corel Painter.

You can easily modify or create your styles to give perfect shape and style to your graphic while learning each setting using the convenient style preview and Decorations are graphics pattern that can be stamped onto the screen or dynamically added to your line.

Livebrush runs on all major desktop operating systems. And you don’t need any other graphics editor to create and share graphics created in Livebrush. You can incorporate Livebrush into your existing projects or create entire compositions in Livebrush alone.


  • Create your own decorations.
  • Control the speed, angle, width, and many other parameters associated with your brush stroke.
  • Use a single color or an array of colors to create your line.
  • Draw with more than one brush at a time.
  • Export & Import styles and other graphics. Share them with the community.
  • Edit the lines you create. Transform the objects you import.
  • Use familiar layer-based editing.
  • Easy to create decorative flourishes and style pattern.

Do watch the screencast demo below to learn more about the Livebrush program.

Livebrush – unique motion-based drawing tool
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