The Best 10 Free Microsoft Outlook Plugin and Add-Ons

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best and most widely used Desktop Email clients. It allows you to read emails, schedule appointments, manage your calendar, task, and contact list, and take notes directly from your desktop.

There are many great Plugins and Add-On available on the web that allow you to enhance your outlook experience. We have listed the ten best Microsoft Outlook plugins and add-Ons that are worth a look.

Best Microsoft Outlook Plugin and Add-Ons

1 Active Desktop Calendar plugin for Outlook

Active Desktop Calendar allows you to put the calendar on your desktop. It is a fully customizable calendar with notes, tasks, alarms, and a contacts list that provides seamless integration and interactivity with the desktop background.

You can organize your data in layers and share it with others on your local area network. In addition, it gives you detailed information about your appointments and tasks directly from the desktop without opening your Outlook.

The User Interface is adaptable, so you can change the calendar symbols, fonts, and colors and select any skins. Also, provide support for images to your desktop or Winamp skins for the calendar as per your requirements.

It supports iCal, Google calendar, and Comma-separated values CSV formats to easily import and export calendar data.

2 Calendar Browser Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Calendar Browser is a unique Outlook plugin for booking resources of any data inside your organization. In the Calendar browser, resources save in public folders or mailboxes, and each resource has its calendar.

To book a resource, the user makes an appointment in the schedule of that resource. It also offers a user-friendly interface to manage your resources efficiently. For example, you can easily edit, delete, or create new resources with a few mouse clicks.

Users can easily search among free resources, see descriptions, and book directly from Microsoft Outlook. With an integrated WYSIWYG editor, you can create URL or HTML descriptions with text and pictures for each resource.

3 Contacts Journaling

Contacts Journaling allows you to monitor the whole history of communication with a contact. It quickly added all events associated with the selected person to the Journal. For example, personal correspondence, setting or canceling an appointment, assigned tasks, etc.

Outlook allows turning the journaling on for individual contacts stored in the Contacts folder. But what if you have several contact folders and a total number of references of more than a hundred?

In this case, switching on journaling manually can be very time-consuming and confusing. With Contacts Journaling, you can quickly solve these kinds of problems.

It automatically enables/disable journaling for all or just for selected contacts in the selected folder.

4 Duplicates Remover plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Duplicates Remover is a Simple yet easy-to-use plugin for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to search and remove duplicates in tasks, notes, contacts, journals, and calendar items from Outlook and MS Exchange Server folders.

However, it never deletes your duplicated email messages. Instead, if any exact word is found, it is automatically marked as a flag, removed, copied, or moved to any folder you choose.

Also, if you have permission to connect other users’ folders, you can make folders of other users and one of your folders.

5 Email Scheduler

Email Scheduler is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows you to send emails and files automatically at any future dates you choose. It’s a fully automated process of sending messages on schedule, and news can be planned easily using daily, weekly, and monthly patterns.

You can easily attach files or even complete folders to the scheduled messages. Email Scheduler supports Windows 98/ME/2000/3/XP and Outlook 2000/2002/2003.

6 TabView Organizer outlook plugin

TabView Organizer is a handy plugin for Outlook that allows you to search, sort, group, and view emails, tasks, contacts, and other items in a few clicks. It automatically analyzes your activity in each folder and adds filtering tabs to your Outlook folders.

7 Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook

Mail Merge Toolkit is a powerful Microsoft Office add-on specially designed to extend the mail merging capabilities in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher.

It allows you to insert data fields into the subject field, add attachments, and send emails in GIF, HTML, RTF, and Text formats. For example, when sending GIF messages from Microsoft Publisher, HTML links can be assigned to image areas (image map technology).

Document merging with this Microsoft Office add-in is virtually the same as standard merging, but it gives you more opportunities and is more reliable in operation.

8 OpenFlow CRM

OpenFlow CRM is an easy-to-install Outlook add-on that enables you to add more than one contact to a company. With OpenFlow CRM, you can easily track your appointments, tasks, and activities with your contacts.

Plan actions and follow up on phone calls, documents, or emails you and your team receive. Work together with your colleagues in Group Tasks and Group Activities. No Exchange Server is needed to share all your information with your colleagues.

9 Watch Folders for Outlook

Watch folders is a unique Microsoft office add-on that automatically Notifies you when something gets updated in your public folder or shared mailbox without your knowledge.

It gives you complete detailed information about the date/time of changes and which files were changed. Then, it notifies you via email or pop-up message.

You can easily customize the filter to get notifications for specific changes to only certain items. It also works with Contacts, Tasks, Appointments, Emails, or any other public folder.

10 ReplyButler simple outlook plugin

ReplyButler is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook, which automatically detects the name, language, and style of the mail and generates the same matching answer with the same features.

The second feature is also exciting and helpful for everyone who uses Outlook at work. You can store these text modules in ReplyButler, making it easy to organize them and later use them in multiple emails, and it is excellent for support and helpdesk work. So your customer is always happy to receive an entirely written answer instantly.

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