Tips for making a mobile friendly website


Day by day more and more people are using web-enabled mobile devices to find information, interact with each other and share information. The world of mobile phones is very diverse and targeted. if you are planning to build a mobile version of your website then you need to consider the diversity of mobile ecosystem.

A mobile friendly website offer several advantages. :

  1. Reduce Loading time: your site will load much faster on mobile devices so visitor can easily accessed to you website and spend long time on your website.
  2. Vast Connectivity : Research shows that nearly one-third of the world population use their mobile devices to access the internet And the number of web-enabled mobiles and user are increase day by day. so it an great news for webmaster as they get to make their website more accessible and reach out to an all new user audience.
  3. Crawled by mobile web bots (like Googlebot-Mobile) : Mobile friendly website are easily and instantly crawled by mobile web bots (like Googlebot-Mobile) so your site gets more exposure.

Here are some important videos and presentation for making a mobile friendly website.

presentation for making a mobile friendly website :

  1. Building Mobile Friendly Websites

  2. Make Mobile Site WordPress Mobile Plugin

  3. Top 10 Tips for Designing a Mobile Friendly Website

  4. Building a Mobile Website by Google

  5. Building a Mobile Friendly Websites by Ankit Gupta

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