The Best MultiView Tree File Manager for Free


MultiView Tree File Manager is a easy to use hierarchical file and folder manager based on the new Multi-View Tree data visualization concept.

You can easily browse and manage entire folder hierarchies, no matter how deeply nested.

The product introduces a brand new approach to file management, allowing you to simultaneously display the contents of multiple folders in a single hierarchical tree-like view, each folder with its settings (view mode, columns, sort order, etc.).

It browse your documents, image galleries, music collections, projects and other files easily and very quickly as never before.

So no need to remember in which folder each particular file is located – instead, just expand and open all folders and view their contents at a glance.

Built-in image viewer allows you to find almost all popular image formats and supports all standard file and folder operations, Clipboard operations, and drag-and-drop functions.

Features of MultiView Tree File Manager:

  1. Displaying Folder Hierarchies
  2. Customizable Folder View Modes
  3. Remembering and Restoring Folder Settings automatically
  4. System Shell Interoperability
  5. Built-in Image Viewer
  6. File and folder filtering
  7. Full screen Mode give you more space to view folders and files.
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