My Web Pages Starter Kit – file based content management system

My Web Pages Starter Kit is a simple yet powerful flat file-based content management system for small websites.

It is specially designed to meet the needs of computer enthusiasts who want to deploy and maintain their website; it is also easy to modify the look and feel or even change/extend the feature set.

My Web Pages Starter Kit

It is an ASP.Net-based CMS that mainly Focuses on simplicity. That why it uses a Flat file system to store you’re data.

No database is required to store data; all data is stored in XML files within the “App_Data” folder.

Starter Kit is straightforward to deploy and maintain for backing up your data; download the “App_Data” folder and offer cheaper hosting because no SQL Server database is required.

The software is highly customizable and offers flexibility to customize the kit per your requirements.

You can create your website by using all the basic CMS features and adding your elements to it.

Features of My Web Pages Starter Kit:-

  1. Dynamic Content Management System
  2. Easily configurable localizations
  3. ASP.NET 2.0-based CMS
  4. flat file-based method to store the data
  5. Complete source code available for easily customize
  6. Runs in medium trust
  7. Simple and Easy to understand the Security model

Download from CodePlex

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