Netvibes inspired jQuery Portal Framework – JPolite


JPolite is a Lightweight Portal Framework based on jQuery to create Netvibes style interfaces. The focus is easy content integration at the front-end, through an intuitive naming system and conventions plus simple and easy configuration.

Netvibes inspired jQuery Portal Framework - JPolite

JPolite easily separate Content, Appearance and Behavior. and, it makes plain HTML section into vivid control like; tabbed or accordion .

Major Features:

  1. Content Integration : you can easily in integrated Lots off stuff.
  2. Sound User Experiences : Slick UI, responsive interaction
  3. Basic Module Themes : Colors can be assigned to modules as per your requirement.
  4. Interface Dresser : highly customizable , Advanced CSS knowledge and skills shall be mandatory to customize and improve the look and feel of this framework .

JPolite is available for use in all personal or commercial projects under both MIT and GPL licenses. JPolite Tested with IE8 (beta), IE7, Firefox 3.0.6, Google Chrome, Safari 3.2.2 under Windows XP SP3 .

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