Online Web Application Builder – FireDB


FireDB is a highly configurable web database platform. With FireDB, you can build a data driven web application in real-time, without writing any code, all from within the browser.

Online Web Application Builder - FireDB

It use PHP5 and the Zend Framework on the server side and MySQL for the database. The document template engine is powered by Smarty and ExtJS JavaScript library use for user interface.

FireDB is currently in Beta version ,so they have a limited number of test accounts available for testing .

Some Beautiful Features of FireDB :

  1. It’s fully web based, No need to download or install anything.
  2. Integrated drag-n-drop form designer.
  3. Manage schema (tables, fields, relationships) in the browser
  4. Build applications without writing code
  5. Coders can write custom code for total flexibility.

Here is Demo on how to create a simple database app using FireDB. Walks you through creating tables (entities), using the Drag n Drop form-designer to create a form, and making a query to view / manage records in your database. All done from a web browser, without java / flash / active-x etc.

You can see more demo videos here

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