Organize your Firefox Browsing History With History Tree


History Tree is a browser add-on for Firefox which allow you to organize your Firefox Browsing History by displaying it as a tree diagram. So you can easily find any page you have visited quickly and easily.

It gives you a quick visual tree layout view of the tabs and windows with thumbnail screenshots of the web-pages in every tab you’ve opened, and lets you find the page you’re looking for even when the browser’s back and forward button won’t reach that far.


Like any other good history browser, History tree also offer Search box to find and re-open any webpage you have visited, but i am sure you might not need to use it. it provide all information in color-coded rectangles according to there status :

  • Orange color for Active Firefox Tab
  • Yellow color for Open Firefox Tabs
  • Blue color for Closed Firefox Tabs
  • White color for Pages that can be accessed with the back and forward buttons in Firefox
  • Gray color for Pages that cannot be accessed with the back and forward buttons

A clicking on the question mark will show you a preview screenshot of the selected website on the same screen while a clicking on the another triangle hides the all sub-pages connected to them and replacing them with a number of hide sub pages .


Download : History Tree

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