The 6 Best Free PHP File Manager for Developer


Suppose you are looking for a Free and Open source php file manager. These file managers are ready to use and easy to customize.

Take a look at this list with Free and Open Source File Manager. All php file manager allows you to preview, upload, and modify files and folders via the browser.

1 Tiny File Manager – Free PHP file Explorer

6 Best PHP File Manager for Developer

Tiny file manager is a Web-Based Open source File Manager written in PHP, Manage your files efficiently and quickly with Tiny File Manager, and it is a simple, fast, and small file manager with a single file.


  1. Open source, lightweight, and extremely simple to use.
  2. It helps to create, Edit, Copy, Move, and download your files quickly, at any time from anywhere. Use it as your private cloud storage.
  3. Advanced AJAX multiple file upload with progress bar.
  4. Ability to drag and drop files directly from your local drive to the browser’s window to start the upload.
  5. multiple file uploads
  6. using URL with file extensions filter
  7. Multiple User access with their folder, permissions, and access roles.
  8. Easy to search your files
  9. Filter by type, by extension.
  10. Easy to compress and extract files.
  11. Create archives by zipping or unzipping and decompressing files online
  12. A browser-based code editor to edit files.

Tiny File Manager

2 FileGator – Self-Hosted Free PHP File Manager

Best PHP File Manager

FileGator is a Self Hosted, open-source, free PHP file manager for managing your files and folder. A multi-user PHP file manager allows you to manage files and folders inside your local repository folder.

So we have admins and other users who manage files and folders with different access roles, permission, and hole folders.


  1. Allow to copy, move, rename, edit, create, delete, preview, zip, unzip, download, and upload files from the server
  2. users can download multiple files or folders at once.
  3. Support for Drag and drop, progress bar, pause, and resume.
  4. Multiple 3rd party storage adapters (Local, FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, DO Spaces, Azure Blob, and many others via Flysystem)
  5. Multiple auth adapters with roles and permissions and session adapters
  6. Single page front end
  7. Zip and Bulk download support
  8. No database required
  9. Framework Free simple php file manager


3 PHPFileManager


PHPFileManager is a complete php file manager on a single file. Users get instant file access and verify the server’s PHP configuration and security.


  1. Directory Free, with Ajax loading
  2. Shell terminal emulator
  3. Multi-platform
  4. copy/move/delete/create/rename/edit/view/chmod files and folders
  5. Easy to scan Port using PHP sockets
  6. All PHP versions are compatible (PHP4,5,6, and 7)
  7. Provide native support for tar/zip/bzip/gzip file format
  8. code editor with syntax highlight
  9. Multiple Uploads
  10. Password protected
  11. Multi-lingual


4 Filerun – self-hosted free php file manager

Filerun - self hosted file sync and sharing tool

Filerun is a self-hosted file sync and sharing tool. It gives you instant web access to your files and folder on your server by pointing the Filerun tool to where you keep the files on your server.

You can also access your files by FTP, SMB, and WebDAV. Just upload, download or manage the same files. File requests help you to collect and receive files from anyone directly from the FileRun user account, with just a link.

It’s an ideal tool for managing a large file, handling files and photos after a particular case, and requesting submissions from coworkers and clients.


  1. Multi-platform
  2. No import is required. it’s a self-hosted file sync and sharing tool
  3. A Guest User accounts allow you to collaborate with another user without creating an account.
  4. Easily Accessible from anywhere at any time.
  5. Extendable
  6. The automatic file versioning system prevents you from accidentally overwriting existing files.
  7. Safe and Secure
  8. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) protection and SQL injections protection.
  9. Session Hijacking and Brute force login attempts protection.
  10. 100% support for HTTPS/SSL.


5 Responsive FileManager – Free php file manager

Responsive FileManager - Open Source PHP File Manager

Responsive FileManager is a free, open-source file and image manager made with jQuery, CSS3, PHP, and HTML5. It offers an excellent and elegant way to upload and insert files, images, and videos.

Use it as a standalone file manager to manage and select files. The file manager automatically creates a thumbnail of pictures for the preview list and external thumbnails for your site.

In addition, it can be configured to resize uploaded images automatically or to limit the size. Final y, you can personalize the configuration for each folder. Also, set a subfolder as the root and change the setting for each user, page, or FileManager call.

Responsive FileManager

6 FileBrowser – PHP File Manager

6 Best PHP File Manager for Developer

FileBrowser provides a file-managing user interface within a specified directory and allows uploading, deleting, previewing, renaming, and editing files.

Provide support for Multi-users; each user has their directory and access permission. In addition, you can use FileBrowser as a standalone app to access files from your server.


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