New PHP Knowledge Base Script – 68KB


68KB is a open source free knowledge base script that is built with PHP & MySQL . It is easy to configure and simple to setup because of templates separates all the PHP code from the actual template file which allows you to make changes quickly and easily.

68KB - New PHP Knowledge Base Script

With 68KB You can have unlimited categories/sub-categories and it also create Search Engine Friendly URL’s. (Apache Required) . With the help of an admin interface, you can view stats for the most viewed articles, search terms, and a whole lot more.

Also, features like an "integrated glossary", "Browser Interface" allow you to view and manage you knowledge base from any browser. It can also be installed on many different types of servers .

68KB is Multi-Lingual and the script is built with using CodeIgniter php framework .

Demo: Administration Area  – Demo | Site Front End : Demo 
password for Administration Area : User: demo | Password: demo

Download : 68 KB

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