Create Interactive Flash-Based Apps Online – Produle


Produle is an online tool for creating customizable flash widgets and applications that can be easily embedded anywhere.

It offer a drag and drop authoring visual WYSIWYG Editor with all the common editing operations and functionality like one click preview, publish, application outline and page manager.

Produle provide wide range of ready to use flash components like Multimedia, feeds, Slideshows, countdown, Timer, Charts, Menus etc… for creating your own flash application.

Each components come with adequate number of control to adjust style and properties. Designer can design there own visual composite effect and motion on components to provide a slick user experience.

With Produle, you can easily Integrate live data into your application through any live XML data that could be anything such as your Twitter Updates , RSS Feeds and API etc..

Easy to update and share your flash application with all major social media and website or embedded anywhere with a single click.

Produle is very Useful Platform for Marketing, Businesses and Media Agencies to quickly create flash media content for their websites.

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