5 useful online project management and collaboration tools

  1. Collabtive – online project management for freelancers


    Collabtive is a online project management tools written in PHP and JavaScript. It’s an nice alternative tool for proprietary tools like Active Collab or Basecamp. Collabtive is specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers. All major browsers like Internet Explorer (7/8), Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome are supported to Collabtive. Demo: collabtive Demo

  2. XPMT – eXtreme Project Management Tool

    XPMT - eXtreme Project Management Tool

    XPMT is an open source Project Management Tool using the principles of eXtreme Programming [XP] for managing very complex and uncertain Project. It is totally different from traditional project management software, it offer open, elastic and undeterministic approach for projects.

    Demo : XPMT Demo

  3. CreativePro Office – office management tools

    CreativePro Office

    CreativePro office is a free Web based office management tools to Manage your team, clients, projects, invoices, events and quotes. CreativePro Office is well suited office management tools for both independent professionals and small teams of graphic designers, programmers and web developers. It offer set of office tools features Such as, office dashboard, project manager, time tracker, invoicing and more.

  4. Jumpchart


    Jumpchart is a Tidy Website planning application that allow you to plan the navigation of your site by adding, dragging pages, and sub-pages within the site. it use special augmented version of Textile for text formatting. It’s simple to remember the formatting shortcuts, but the wysiwyg formatting bar is always there for you if you do. You can mockup virtually any real HTML entity with Jumpchart Textile, -basic text tags, tables, and even forms! With Jumpchart you can easily reorganize the navigation of your website. It’s as simple as drag-and-drop to totally change the flow of your sitemap.

  5. ActiveCollab project management


    activecollab is a project management and collaboration Software that help you to give full control over your files and communications with unlimited user, projects and storage spaces. It make your work more easier and cooperation with your team, clients, suppliers and others much easier. Collaboration features include file sharing, discussions , assignments, collaborative writing and reminders. Project management features include printing and exporting, time tracking, calendar and schedule functionality, ticket management and milestones. Plug-ins (modules) mean that activeCollab can be extended to suit your specific needs.

    Demo: activeCollab Demo

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