QT – Best App and UI Development Framework for Developer


Qt is an free and open source (GPL License) App and UI development framework to create web-enabled desktop, mobile and embedded applications.

It uses standard C++ programming language and native graphics APIs of each platform to develop cross platform applications but makes extensively use special pre-processor (called the Meta Object Compiler, or moc) to enrich the language.

QT Framework - App and UI Development Framework

By using Qt, you can write web-enabled applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile and embedded operating systems without rewriting the single line of code.

It support for all major platforms and has extensive internationalization support. Non-GUI features include SQL database access, XML parsing, thread management, network support, and a unified cross-platform API for file handling. The framework is also used in various programming languages via language bindings.

1 Features of QT – App and UI Development Framework

  1. Intuitive C++ class library
  2. Portability across desktop and embedded operating systems
  3. Integrated development tools with cross-platform IDE
  4. High runtime performance and small footprint on embedded applications
  5. Easy to use and learn
  6. Produce highly readable, easily maintainable code
  7. Integrate Audio and Video Across Platforms with Phonon Multimedia Framework
  8. Powerful 2D Graphics Canvas – Qt Graphics View
  9. cross-platform multi-threading functionality to simplifies parallel programming
  10. Advanced 3D Graphics: OpenGL Module
  11. Support for XML Module
  12. Reduce Application Testing Time with Unit Testing Framework
  13. Support for all major databases such as ODBC, MySQL, PSQL, SQLite, ibase, Oracle, Sybase, DB2
  14. ECMA Standard Scripting Engine: Qt Script Module
  15. Easy to Build Advanced Graphical User Interfaces with GUI Module
  16. Blend web and Rich content and services with Qt WebKit

Download : Qt framework

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