QuickConnectFamily -Frameworks for Hybrid Mobile Apps

QuickConnectFamily Framework is a powerful, modular yet simple to use mobile application development framework that allows you to create cross-platform applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

No need to learn the native language of the platform you are developing on. You can use the skills you already have.


It is specially designed to make it easy for application creators to quickly create their high-quality applications for customers. Since it’s an open-source and liberally licensed project so you can use it to develop for your open-source, free projects, or closed source, for-cost projects.

The QuickConnectFamily templates give you complete access to behavior normally restricted to ‘native’ apps.You can have full database access across all the supported platforms.

Maybe you need to know what device your application is running on. This and much more are available using JavaScript by using the QuickConnectFamily framework. Take a look at each platform to see.

The QuickConnectFamily is the only hybrid mobile application framework that uses Xcode templates to speed your development. You can work inside Xcode and build your app for any or all of the supported platforms.

Download : QuickConnect

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