ReadAir – Desktop client for Google Reader


ReadAir is an Open source Mac OS Themed Desktop Client for Google Reader built with Adobe Air which allows you to easily access your Google Reader account and read the latest RSS news directly from your desktop.

With Read Air, you can access all your feeds from your account or just favorites and shared your stories; search by keyword; and add, remove or manage your feeds and tags.

Features of ReadAir

  • Full synchronization with your Google Reader Account.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (shift+a – mark all read / r – refresh)
  • Search feeds, tag feeds, Subscribe/Unsubscribe from feeds.
  • Minimize to system tray
  • Allow users to view more than 20 items per feed
  • Resizable viewing pane
  • Mac themed scrollbars and form elements
  • Auto software update
  • Auto login supported
ReadAir [Google Code]
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