Real time streaming data in a browser – Liberator

Liberator is a fully-featured Ajax / Comet streaming server for streaming real-time data to web pages.

It come with a comprehensive client library for integrating with Ajax or Flex™ RIAs, a Java server library for connecting to sources of data and building application logic, With full documentation.


It can deliver over one million complex messages per second and supports up to 30,000 concurrent users on a single server. Liberator is a highly optimized, multithreaded for multi-core servers, and boasts a host of advanced features and data management capabilities.

It use subject-based publish/subscribe of field/value messages, as well as many other application-oriented message and data types such as containers, directories, news, and filtered records.

Some areas of usage for the server can be:

  • displaying trade market data
  • chat systems
  • mapping apps
  • & many more..

Liberator is written in C and runs on GNU/Linux®, or on Windows® using VMware® & the free edition can be used for non-commercial websites.

Demo: Liberator Demo

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