SexyLightBox – sexier and lightweight than classic LightBox


SexyLightBox is a clone of classic Lightbox , but it’s more sexier and lightweight than the classic LightBox. It was built for web designers , so it is really easy to install and use.

SexyLightBox supports all sorts of images of different sizes, HTML elements and Now Area maps . The images larger than the browser, are adjusted automatically to see them completely. I really like the bouncy effect when the box comes out and resizes.

SexyLightBox Compatible with Mootools 1.2.2 or jQuery 1.3.2 and All modern browsers like Internet Explorer. It also compatible with the following lightbox ,which was built using the same logic :

Demo: Mootools demo or jQuery demo .

Screenshot of SexyLightBox :

  1. Image

    Image - Screenshot of SexyLightBox

  2. Gallery

    Gallery - Screenshot of SexyLightBox

  3. Animated Gifs

    Animated-Gifs-screenshot-of SexyLightBox

  4. Inline Content

    Inline Content Screenshot of SexyLightBox

  5. Mpeg or flash Video

    Mpeg-or-flash-Video-Screenshot of SexyLightBox

  6. AJAX Content- login page


  7. Shake Effect


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