SharpPieces- Free Asp.Net Controls Set


SharpPieces is an open-source ASP.NET control for improving the usability of the applications easily. It contains the following set of web controls for ASP.NET.

1 Extended Drop Down List:

The Sharp Pieces Extended Dropdown List extends the ASP NET Dropdown List control, adding the following features:

  • Support for OPTGROUP tag, with easy to use the syntax
  • List Item’s attributes are persisted between postbacks
  • CSS Class and Group Css Class for the list items

2 Live Grid:

Live Grid is a control built on top of Rico’s JavaScript framework. It is an alternative concept to traditional grids because it presents data through a continuous scrolling, the concept of paging disappears. it is highly customizable; for the design, a single CSS file needs to be customized and it supports most of Rico’s JavaScript properties.

3 Web 2.0 Multiple File Upload :

Sharp Pieces Upload control allows you to upload multiple files in one upload. Easy to set up, is server independent, completely styleable via CSS and XHTML. Based on the Fancy Upload implementation of The Upload control is highly customizable to suit your needs as well as possible.

4 Rating :

The Sharp Pieces Rating control is a flexible, highly customizable rating ASP NET control that allows you to give a grade to a product, or anything related.

5 Dynamic Image:

Dynamic Image is an alternative to the ASP.NET Image control; more than the MS control, Dynamic Image catches the image request and transforms the result.

6 Captcha Image

Captcha Image is a Dynamic Image application. The captcha renders image into an HTML element where the image is generated by Captcha Generation Service, this service uses the control customization received into the query string of the src URL.

7 Gradient Button :

Gradient Button is a Dynamic Image application. It renders into an input type image HTML element where the image is generated by Gradient Button Generation Service.

This service uses the control customization received into the query string of the src URL.

They are all are ready with native support for the latest framework (ASP.NET 3.5) and IDE (Visual Studio 2008).

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