ShowDocument – Real-Time Document Collaboration Tools for Team

Showdocument is a fully synchronized Web based Free document Sharing and collaboration session where people can work together on the same document at the same time.

show-document - web collaboration platform

With ShowDocument, user can easily work together with any document including PDF, Word, Power Point, jpg files, Comma-Separated Values (*.csv), Open Document Text (*.odt), Open Document Presentation (*.odp), Open Document Spreadsheet (*.ods) etc…

It’s advanced online text editor allow users to work together during the web meeting on text files and save the files on their workstation afterword. One can easily upload any file and during the session mark it up with a pen or a highlighter tool in addition to a text box tool and eraser.

There is also a chat box to discuss ideas and changes. Everyone’s cursor is tracked with their name as it moves around the screen. Show Document is a very effective collaboration tool. you can exchange your ideas and information with colleagues via a real-time interactive whiteboard.

The application is very simple to operate. It is very intuitive, requires no-sign up, no download and no installation. It works with presentations and document files in the same editor and is very fast and fully synchronized.

ShowDocument supported Document-types for upload :

  • PDF files (*.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word (*.doc)
  • Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt)
  • Rich Text Format (*.rtf)


  • JPG files (*.jpg;*.jpeg)
  • GIF files (*.gif)
  • PNG files (*.png)
  • BMP files (*.bmp)

Other text file :

  • Comma-Separated Values (*.csv)
  • Plain Text (*.txt)
  • XML files (*.xml)

Open Office documents:

  • Open Document Text (*.odt)
  • Open Document Spreadsheet (*.ods)
  • Open Document Presentation (*.odp)
  • Open Document Drawing (*.odg)
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