Enhance your Firefox browsing with SmarterFox


SmarterFox is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox which help you to browse faster by speeding up common tasks such as searching Wikipedia,Google, visiting your bookmarks, and more. The browser add-on Developed by Yongqian Li and previously know as “Smarter Wikipedia”.

With SmarterFox, you can save your time and Enhance your Search on particular text by highlighting Thus particular text and then clicking on the popup bubble on a web page.


As well as SmarterFox Also extends the Awesomebar (also called the URL bar) so that Google search results automatically appear as you type. This way you do not have to click though to Google in order to search.


It also offer meta search options knows as qLauncher which allows you quickly visit your favorite WebPages. To activate qLauncher press Ctrl-Space.If you are using a Mac or Ubiquity, you might need to change the shortcut since Ctrl-Space might already be in use.(Do so by going to Tools -> SmarterFox).

qLauncherSmarterFox also allow you to convert text urls into clickable links and automatically copy on select or paste on right click and you can also download all images, links or media files from the page you are currently viewing.

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