Sprout Builder online flash application builder


Sprout Builder is a really simple and easy to use online flash application builder.

Where you can easily create rich, interactive and branded fully customizable Flash-based application without writing a single line of code.

With Sprout Builder You can build anything from widgets to mashup applications to Facebook fan pages.

You can add videos, music, pictures,Google Forms,Charts, Google Analytics, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds and much more to your flash application and then share your content as a widget on your blog or social networking page and empower your fans to help spread the word about your products and services.

No matter where your creations go, you’ll get full analytics on how people are interacting with them. Plus, Sprout Builder enables live updates in the wild so you can optimize for success.

Benefits of Sprout Builder:

  1. Create and launch branded social media campaigns in instantly
  2. Reduce your development costs by empowering your creative team to drive campaigns from start to finish.
  3. Cloud computing ensures infinite scalability so you don’t have to worry about campaigns that take off in popularity.
  4. custom event tracking allows you to measure activity around key content.
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