Free Screen Capture Tool for Windows – Cropper


Cropper is a unique screen capture tool written in C# that allow you to easily capture any portions of your desktop or full desktop screenshot and automatically save it to disk as a BMP, PNG, or JPG file format or copy it to the clipboard or send it directly to the printer.

To capture an entire window, simply hit the Print Screen key. Double-clicking the Cropper icon in the task tray brings up a floating frame whose position and dimensions specify the capture region.

It offers a resizable, translucent capture area that you can be moved and resized freely anywhere in desktop to capture the portions that you want to grab.

it also provide thumbnail features, it means you can easily capture any portions of your desktop screenshot and automatically resize the capture and save it as thumbnail version .

Controls :

  1. Right Click: Context menu on main form.
  2. Arrow Keys: Nudge form one pixel.
  3. Alt + Arrow Keys: Resize form one pixel.
  4. [ or ]: Resize entire form while keeping the crosshairs centered.
  5. Alt + [ or ]: Resize the thumbnail indicator one pixel.
  6. + Ctrl: changes all resize and nudge amounts to ten pixels.
  7. Double-click or Enter: Take a screen shot or start/stop a recording plug-in.
  8. Tab: Cycle form colors.
  9. Shift+Tab: Cycle form sizes.
  10. Esc: Hide the main form
  11. F8: Show the main form
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