TAROBY – Web based Messaging & Collaboration suite for Teams


TAROBY is a Web 2.0 based Unified Messaging System (UMS) and Collaboration Application Suite for private and professional use, serving Clients, Individuals, SME Businesses, international Companies and other global Teams & Workgroups worldwide.


It work online as a SaaS Application, so you can easily access your E-mail online from anywhere directly through your web browsers. it offer E-Mail Sharing, Customer Support and Ticketing System, Calendar- and Task Management as well as Event based Reminders.


  • Unified Messaging : It is a Unified Messaging System (UMS) supported application, which allow you to handle incoming voice messages along with your emails, faxes and so forth.
    Within the inbox, it will show you which kind of E-mail or message you have received with small symbol on the left and how to open them. With TAROBY, it is easy to send sms, faxes, snail mails and so on .
  • Assigning of Messages within a Team  : Messages that arrive and have never been read by anyone of your team before are marked with the image as "NEW". By clicking on this image, a small layer opens:
    To assign this message to anyone in your team or even yourself, just select the person from the list box. And the assigned user will then see this message on top of his other messages.
  • Comments / Notes attached to Messages  : Easy to add comment to messages, simply click on the bubble speech icon and a New window opens where you can see previous comments and add your new comments there.
    you can easily track the entire discussion of your team members about a specific message subject.
  • Virus detection/Junk detection  : On the left side of each message there is a small icon which show you the danger likeliness of messages.

Demo : Live demo

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