Uservoice – Online Suggestion Box


uservoice is a web based customer feedback Platform that allow companies, bloggers and community leaders to easily collect and manage user-submitted suggestions & ideas.

uservoice - The easiest way to turn customer feedback into action

With UserVoice, customers can easily vote on feedback and ideas submitted in the customer community, so company can easily Start a conversation with your customers. Capture feedback, close the loop and strengthen your brand and Get closer to your customers.

Users submit ideas to there community and other User votes for submissions they feel most passionate about, and discuss them with others – thus arriving at consensus – all while communicating the status of changes in a transparent and customizable environment.

Uservoice is simple to use and easy to Install, There’s no complicated software to install or servers to configure.

Uservoice – The easiest way to turn customer feedback into action

Demo: Uservoice Live Demo

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