VidiScript – PHP video sharing and uploading script like YouTube

VidiScript is a free and Open source video sharing and PHP video uploading script just like YouTube, Meta Café, and Break. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL database backend.

VidiScript - PHP video sharing and uploading script

VidiScript is one of the most powerful and open source PHP video uploading scripts available online today, which not only supports Videos but now also supports Audio, Photo, and Flash Game uploads.

Features of Free PHP video uploading script:-

  1. Easily manage ads across your site with pre-defined ad sections from the admin area.
  2. 100% Free and Open Source project (You’re In Full Control)
  3. Packed With Features Not Found In Other Similar Scripts
  4. Built With Your Users In Mind – Your Community Will Thrive
  5. Easy to Convert videos to FLV format for quicker loading times
  6. Automatic thumbnail creation on all uploaded videos and pictures
  7. Embed a watermark onto uploaded videos and brand your website
  8. SEO-friendly URLs – Driving tons of FREE traffic from the search engines
  9. Interactive profiles & features- keeping your members coming back day after day
  10. Powerful admin management gives you full control
  11. Bundled with FlowPlayer (With FlowPlayer, you can sell video ads, stream live video, and more)
  12. Users can upload, manage and share their media files
  13. it also allows them to organize and add media files to their list of favorites
  14. Easy to Connect with other members and subscribe to their media channel
  15. Private message for friends and other members (with the ability to block)
  16. Members can create groups, share their media files, and create a community within your community around their interests. You can also set groups to private, so only friends get access.
  17. Visit other users’ profiles, leave comments, view their favorite media, and make new friends.
  18. Private Media – Ability to create a private group, so your uploaded files are only shared with friends.
  19. History – keeps track of the media you have been viewing
  20. Profile Views – allows members to see who’s been viewing their profile
  21. Sent and received friend request management area
  22. Easy to add any media file to their favorites list with a click of a button
  23. The “Flag” feature – will have your members working for you and saving you time.
  24. Media rating system
  25. All categories are displayed prominently in the menu for easy browsing
  26. Each media file can be associated with tags. You can easily perform searches by clicking a tag on any media file.
  27. Visitors can add media to their website or blog as an embed code.
  28. Related media is displayed beside media being viewed, resulting in more activity and clicks on your site.



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