Vyoopoint – Best design Presentations for Designers


Vyoopoint is a simplest, fastest and most organized way to present your visual designs and ideas to your clients, colleagues, friends… anyone! Now no more dealing with FTP, or manually creating HTML presentations for your clients.

It’s specially designed and developed by designers for designer from real world experience so that uploading, presenting and tracking comments on a 25-frame storyboard, or a 12-screen website design sequence would be a joy for both the creator and reviewer.

Key Features of Vyoopoint :

  1. simple 3-step Easy uploading process to create galleries from the files you upload.
  2. Comments and visual markups recorded and date stamped for review
  3. Create public or private galleries within your projects
  4. Simple Automated version control keeps it all up to date in order
  5. Project dashboard gives an overview of current activity on all your projects.
  6. Make it look ‘real’ by defining gallery settings and make your website designs appear as if in a browser.
  7. One-click notification service which automatically notify your clients and co-workers once a gallery is published.
  8. Customize your account to reflect your brand image
  9. Clean and minimal user interface allow you to Show off your work, not your tools
  10. flexible image gallery
  11. Perfect visual presentation addition to your current tools.
  12. Support most commonly used media files for creative professionals.
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