Wapache Win GUI Framework for Developer

Wapache is an Open source Win GUI Framework on top of an Apache server that allows you to create desktop applications using web development technology such as Perl and PHP.

It combines a modified version of the Apache 2 HTTP server with an embedded Internet Explorer web browser and PHP library. It handled requests to the “webserver” internally so data never travel through the networking layer, ensuring quick response and reliable operation.

wapache framework - create desktop application

It also allow you to control various browser settings, such as window dimensions and JavaScript availability and giving you a consistent runtime environment.

Making a full-screen window, a chrome-less window, defining the size of creating a window are just some of the things that Wapache can do. It’s an open-source project released under the Apache License 2.0.

Features of Wapache

  1. No Internet Explorer menu, toolbar, or address bar, No spinning globe
  2. Precise control over the placement of windows
  3. Three types of windows: basic, tool windows, and dialog boxes (modal and modeless)
  4. Fully customizable drop-down and context menu
  5. System Tray integration
  6. Asynchronous data handling
  7. Works with standard Apache modules like mod_php and mod_perl

Download : Wapache

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