7 Interesting Web operating system Applications


Web OS is a Web platform where virtual Desktop interacts with the user through a web browser and does not depend on any particular local operating system.

Wikipedia also specifies that:

"A web desktop or webtop is a network application system for integrating web applications into a web based work space. It is a virtual desktop on the web, running in a web browser as software. Web desktops often are characterized by an environment similar to that of Windows, Mac, or Linux, but are now considered to have much more functionality being dependent on the internet. Typical benefits include the ability to save work and settings over the internet rather than to the local desktop."

In this article you will read about the 7 Interesting Web OS Applications .

  1. icloud

    icloud web operating system

    iCloud is a unique website that turns your web browser into online cloud-based computer desktop, which allow you to store not just your files online but also direct access to your icloud-storage from Windows Explorer with WebDAV .


    • Online file system for storing all file types
    • Easily share calendars with your friends and family
    • Microsoft Word 97-2003 compatible document editor
    • Free icloud email account
    • Easily save incoming attachments to your icloud desktop
    • Create personal and group ToDo-lists
    • Share music and playlists with friends
    • Play your favorite mp3s from any computer anywhere
    • Easily Share files from your icloud desktop
    • Organize your RSS feeds
    • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
    • API documentation and XML Editor
    • Online Calculator ,Notepad and Unzip archive.
  2. eyeOS

    eyeos - Cloud Computing Operating System

    eyeOS is the open source Cloud Computing Operating System , where Desktop and Desktop applications can be used from everywhere through a web browser. It Work online -personally or collaboratively- with your files, office, calendar, contacts and much more. Your data is safe and always available. eyeOS is Free, Open Source Software, released under the AGPL3 license.

  3. G.ho.st® (ghost)


    G.ho.st® (ghost) is a global hosted operating system which offer a secure desktop with 15GB file storage available instantly from any computer or mobile phone, free of charge with zero hassle. Desktop and apps run without the need for installation or updating.


    • Share or publish your files directly from the G.ho.st® Drive
    • Read, write and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations using G.ho.st® integrations with Zoho, directly from your G.ho.st® Storage
    • Edit Google Docs, sheets and presentations stored at Google from within G.ho.st®
    • Many file types can be viewed or edited online with a simple double-click
    • Upload and sync your documents, photos and music easily using the G.ho.st® Upload Download Utility, Sync program or FTP
    • Manage your e-mails, calendar and contacts with the Web’s leading collaboration suite
    • You will receive a your Ghost ID @G.ho.st email and can retrieve other emails as well (using "POP3")
    • G.ho.st® Virtual File System shows you G.ho.st® Drive files, Google Docs files and other Web files all in one place.
  4. Jolicloud


    Jolicloud is a new open source operating system for net books. It provide a beautiful interface, an application directory and a set of social features that make it easy and fun to use.

    It an Internet operating system which combines the two driving forces of the modern computing industry: the open source and the open web. which transforms your net book into a sophisticated web device that taps into the cloud to expand your computing possibilities. The web already hosts a significant part of our lives: mails, photos, videos, and friends are already somewhere online.

  5. Cloudo


    Cloudo is a free web service that turns your web browser into online computer desktop .This means that you can access your documents, photos, music and all other files no matter where you are, from any computer or mobile phone.

    With Cloudo, every computer, in school, at work, at your friends’ or even in the library becomes your own, free of charge computer. And with Cloudo Mobile your online computer is accessible from your mobile phone as well.

    Cloudo is an Internet Operating System and lives online it’s easy to share and collaborate on documents.

  6. Dekoh desktop platform


    Dekoh is a open source desktop platform for applications that deliver an integrated web and desktop experience. It allow you to organize all media in one place, on a desktop and share it with your friends .

    Dekoh provide No storage and uploading limitations because your media stays on your desktop, No need to upload to a website, so storage is limited only by the size of your hard drive .

  7. CorneliOS WebOS


    CorneliOS Web OS is a easy-to-use and cross-browser Web Desktop Environment that runs in your web browser. Its a multi-user system , which means that multiple web OS users can have an account on a single CorneliOS server.

    CorneliOS applications is a open source virtual web based OS ,written in PHP, Perl, Python or JAVA, or applications written for the CORA framework.

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