80+ Web Tools and Typography resources for web designers


As Web designers, success is depend on your efficiency in your workflow . Fortunately, there are a number of great resources that have been created with the intent of making your life easier and your work quicker and more effective. Today we listed 80+ Web Tools and Typography resources for web designers. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible.

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Cool Text

Cool Text is a free graphics generator for web designer . it an free web service to create impressive logo without a lot of design work Simply choose what kind of image you would like.  Then fill out a form and you’ll have your own custom image created on the fly.


buttonator is free ajax based  web2.00 button generator.  user-friendly  interface , where you can drag and drop button styles, edit the button the as your web needs.


buttonboost is free based glossy and stylish web button generator . To create glossy web button you need to registered free account with buttonboost . you will be able to load and save your button settings, use the applications feature and you don’t have a daily render limit. buttonboost offer 96 types of Button variations to create unique button for your web site.


Free web-based tool to create nice animated flash web buttons. Instantly add your Text and Links to any one from the 50 types of animated buttons variations .

Web 2.0 Button Generator

a nice Web 2.0 button generator . You can edit the icon you see. It’s very nice button generator service.
You can allocate the image you chosen and the text you typed, they are movable by mouse drag. You can this service for your site

Feed Subscription Button Maker

The Chicklet Creator is an online tool that makes it easy to add feed buttons to any page. It contains such buttons as the standard feed icon, xml, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, Technorati, Netvibes and many more.

Feed Button

create One Button, For All XML/RSS Readers, Always Up To Date


Feedpass feed button generator  is a way for you to make RSS button for your website. Feedpass Automatically create a subscription page that allows your readers to subscribe using RSS readers, browsers, or by email.

Online CSS Optimizer 

A free web-based CSS Optimizer tool for reducing the file size of cascading style sheets. In order to save more space optimized files would be messy even so you may output it as a file.

Clean CSS

CleanCSS is a powerful CSS optimizer and formatter. Basically, it takes your CSS code so clean and well-formed. The CSS optimizer was originally developed by some awesome dudes over at CSS Tidy. This is no validator which points out errors in your CSS code. To make sure that your code is valid, use the W3C Validator. [via..Clean CSS]

Online CSS Compressor

another great online css compressor for optimizing your cascading style sheets . very easy to compress your css files with Online CSS Compressor . just enter your Web url and css file to optimize your css.

CSS Compressor

The CSS Compressor makes major changes to stylesheets and is still in developement, so it may not work correctly Hacks may cause problems, for best results you should remove them.

Forms tools

form tools is simple form processor, storage and data access script written in PHP and MySQL, designed to work with any existing web form. Form Tools is available under the GNU General Public License free for anyone to download and modify. A single form tool manage many Forms as you wish – even from different websites. You can set up as many user accounts as needed, enabling other people to log in and view their data online.

CSS Form Code Maker

The HTML – CSS form generator will create a nice looking layout for forms. create colorful simple table less forms.


JotForm is a web based WYSIWYG form builder . drag and drop user interface makes form building a very easy . any one can create web forms with Jotform  without any web design or HTML experience.


FormLogix is an online form builder tool for creating web databases and web forms.  FormLogix is a web based WYSIWYG form builder come with 2 version . one is Free Trial version and another is Pro version . The Pro version prices
are extremely low, starting at only $1.99 for unlimited form submissions.

wufoo form builders

Wufoo develop by Chris Campbell, Kevin Hale and Ryan Campbell . wufoo is a web application that removed the inefficiency and tediousness out of the form building process. wufoo is complete W3C Valid XHTML and CSS design form. easy to Personalized and Branded with your Themes. its smoothly run with or without JavaScript, CSS and Cookies


icebrrg give you freedom to make all kinds of form that you need and share them on the web for free. drag and drop user interface makes him form building is very easy . any one can create web forms with icebrrg .

Yahoo Analytics

another one most well known and used analytical tool after Google analytical tools . it help to find about visitor behavior on your site.

Going Up

GoingUp’s dashboard can be customized to show relevant information about your site’s performance. Show only the information you want and add extra metrics to track at any time.


Piwik is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) web analytics software program. piwik help you to archived detailed reports on your website visitors: the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages

Google Analytics

Google analytics is free web analytics tools from Google . Google Analytics offers a host of compelling features and benefits for everyone from senior executives and advertising and marketing professionals to site owners and content developers. some features :1. Advanced Segmentation 2. Motion Charts 3. Custom Reports 4. Fast Implementation 5. Keyword and Campaign Comparison 6. Custom Dashboards for each reports. 7. Famous Google AdWords program Integration to learn which keywords are most profitable to your business. 8. Internal Site Search for know your visitor personally ,what they like,dislikes etc… 9. Benchmarking 10.Trend and Date Slider 11. Ecommerce Tracking 12. Funnel Visualization 13. Site Overlay to See traffic and conversion information for every link as you browse your site. 14. Email reports features to send exact information about site traffic. 15. GeoTargeting for know where your visitors come from.


Measure map help you to understand what people do at your blog. The analytics tools and features of measure map are similar to Google analytics features. you can Track links to see who sends you traffic and where from your visitor and how much comments you received . Measure map is now a production of Google .


A free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats. Statcounter offer numerous features as a Invisible Counter Option, Configurable Counter, Configurable Summary Stats, Magnify User, Drill Down, Popular Pages of your site, Entry Pages of your site, Exit Pages of your site, visitor Came From, Keyword Analysis, Recent Keyword Activity, Search Engine Wars, Visitor Paths, Visit Length, Returning Visits, Recent Pageload Activity, Recent Visitor Activity, Country/State/City Stats, Recent Visitor Google Map, ISP Stats, Browser Stats, O.S. Stats, Resolution Stats, JavaScript Stats, Email Reports Etc…


Clicky is free analytics services specially for small websites and blogs. It’s easy to implement and contains advanced features such as real-time visitor tracking and in-depth content analysis. User-friendly interface and easy to navigate . Clicky provide you every single traffic detail about your site .


Site meter provide clear pictures about what going on your sites and how much time spend visitor on your site.


Enquisite Specialize in incoming search engine and PPC traffic .It provides in-depth statistics including page position, landing pages, and specific geographic data.


Whos.amung.us is free web based online Visitors tracking program that give you information about real active visitor of your site . one of the best tracking program to monitor the number of visitors you have on your blog at that very moment . The easy-to-install widget requires no registration.


Woopra is a web analytics service offered by iFusion Labs LLC that generates live detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. The service is provided in real-time using a desktop application. you can chat with people visiting your blog in real time via a chat request features of Woopra.


MyBlogLog is essentially a social network for blogs. However, the service also provides valuable statistics; including onsite clicking habits and referral information. Owned by Yahoo.


w3counter help you to follow visitors as they browse your website and you can indentify your visitor . User-friendly interface to easily navigate . it provide detail information about your visitor where there are located with Google Maps .


pMetrics gives you unprecedented detail on every visitor to your web site. Tag them by IP address, or use our custom data tracking to automatically name them for you!

Shiny Stat

The continuous enhancement of its web stats and free hit counter platform, ShinyStat has consolidated its international reputation in the area of Web Statistics and Web Analytics tools. Shiny stat focus on Which keywords generate most sales? What is the most effective type of campaign?


Smushit.com is a service that help you to optimize you images online . smushit is Firefox Extension or a cross-browser bookmarklet to optimize the images found on any web page. It uses image format specific non-lossy image optimization tools to squeeze the last bytes out of your images – without changing their look or quality. You’ll get a report of how many bytes you can save by optimizing your images and all the changed images as a single zip for download.


Free Twitter Designer help you create free Twitter backgrounds that have the same look and feel as those done by professional graphic designers. It’s easy to use, and best of all, it’s Free.

Xara 3D Heading Maker

Using Xara3D itself gives you infinite possibilities – for example you can edit bevels, extrusion, lighting, foreground and background colors and textures, shadows and all the font settings.
ConvertICO :
its an Free Online Converter for icon – fast (no need to install the software or register to create them ) which allows you to convert PNG to ICO (Windows Vista compatible) and ICO to PNG format files.


Font Tester – View and compare fonts easily
TypeTester – An easy way to compare fonts on-screen
CSSTYPE – Another useful font testing tool

Em Calculator – Converts size in pixels to relative em units, which are based on a text size
Lorem Ipsum – The best tool for creating dummy text
What the Font? – Upload a file and it will identify a font
Colour Contrast Check – Specify a foreground and a background colour and determine if they provide enough of a contrast when viewed by someone having color deficits or when viewed on a black and white screen
FontExplorer X – Free font management software
Designer Plaything – The Standalone Web Typography and Colour Testing Tool
CSS with Vertical Rhythm – Will help you compute CSS that has a consistent vertical rhythm
Baseline Rhythm Calculator – Helps you to generate a stylesheet
1001 Free Fonts – 1001 free fonts
Dafont – One of the most popular sources of free fonts
Urban Fonts – More than 8,000 fonts to choose from
Better Fonts – Over 10,000 free fonts
Fawnt – Over 9,000 fonts
RFonts.com – Hundreds of fonts categorized by style
FlashDen – Commercial pixel fonts
Font Freak – 5,000 free fonts and 25,000 commercial fonts
High Fonts – 3,000 free fonts, 25,000 commercial fonts
Better Fonts – 10,000 fonts and counting
Abstract Fonts – 10,000 free fonts
Daily Free Fonts – Thousands of free fonts
SearchFreeFonts – 13,000 free fonts and more that can be purchased
1001 Free Fonts – Nicely categorized
1001 Fonts – Free fonts by category
File Cart – Over 9,000 free fonts
Acid Fonts – Categorized free fonts
Absolute Fonts – Almost 7,000 fonts
The Font Pool – Over 40,000 fonts
Type Now – Currently 6,846 fonts
SimplyTheBestFonts – A lot of different categories to choose from
Fonts 500 – The web’s top 500 free fonts
FontCubes – Over 9,000 free fonts
Free Mac Fonts – Over 6,000 fonts for Macs
WebPagePublicity – Over 6,000 fonts
Phil’s Fonts – Commercial
Fonts for Flash – Commercial
Font Garden – 1,500 fonts not very well categorized
2200FreeFonts – Not categorized
ShowFont – 10,000 fonts only in alphabetical order
GetFreeFonts.info – 2,500 fonts in alphabetical order
Creamundo – Almost 10,000 fonts, but difficult to find what you want

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