25 Useful Twitter Applications based on window platform


Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates. One thing like about twitter is simplicity.


So Are you a Twitter addicted? Then take a look at this list with 25 Useful Window based Twitter Applications which simplify your life with Twitter adding photos on your profile, creating tiny polls, monitoring the twitter sphere and much more!

Window & Window Mobile Platform based Twitter Applications :

  1. Heapr.com : Heapr.co is a small search engine which you shows Google and Twitter results side by side simultaneously in a very clean and super fast interface. it also provide browser plugin, so you can download and search directly from the top right of your browser.
  2. Chirpr : Chirpr is a windows sidebar Gadget for twitter to easily post and replies to your tweets. Formerly known as “Twitter Gadget” on Windows Live Gallery. it Automatically (60 second) or you can manually refresh the timeline to receive latest tweets from your friends. receive audio notification when new messages posted by friend to you. Resizable, scrollable timeline view to adjust in everywhere. chirpr is also supported to Keyboard shortcuts to submit (Ctrl+Enter) or cancel (Esc) a new tweet from the new message fly-out.
  3. ceTwit v2.1 : ceTwit is a windows mobile twitter client written in c# leveraging the .net compact framework.
  4. Ada Twitter app : Ada is the perfect little Twitter app with a clean, simple design. it offer simple features, such as See and send tweets, replies and direct messages. Ada runs on both PCs and MACs.
  5. The Archivist : The Archivist is a window based application that allow you to archive tweets for later data-mining and analysis for a given search. It will display a chart that shows the number of tweets per day for a given search, so that you can quickly assess traffic for a given search.
  6. Twhirl : twhirl is a social software desktop client, based on the Adobe AIR platform. runs on both Windows (2000/XP/Vista) and Mac . you can easily connects to multiple Twitter, laconi.ca, Friend feed and Seesmic accounts and send & receive update.
  7. Feedalizr – A free deskptop application that allows you to view, rate and comment on what your friends are sharing online. Tweet, upload pics to Flickr, update your Facebook status, keep up to date with your friends, Google Reader, Digg, Tumblr, YouTube and Last.fm posts on Friendfeed. Use unique filters to reduce the noise. Duplications are filtered out. — by MIH SWAT
  8. pocketwit : A twitter client for the Windows Mobile Professional (PocketPC) platform. With Pocketwit, its unique user interface allow you to drag your finger across the screen and the page follows along, as if you were pushing the content around. If you lift your finger while the screen is moving, it will continue to move for some time, as if you “threw” the content in that direction. Works on VGA, QVGA and SmartPhone devices and Support for multiple twitter and identi.ca accounts. Uses standard notifications to alert you of new friends statuses or replies.
  9. AlertThingy : AlertThingy brings the very latest updates from your favorite social networks direct to your desktop. With AlertThingy, you can Send Tweets, update your Facebook status, upload photos to Flickr, post to Tumblr and more.
  10. TweetDeck: TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more.
  11. DigiTweet – digiTweet is an open source desktop Twitter client for Windows. It provides Twitter functionalities with rich user interface through Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and .NET technologies. With DigiTweet, you can view and send tweets, read and reply to DMs, and more. It includes TinyURL and Twitpic support, too.
  12. Twunami : Twunami is a Feature rich Twitter desktop client with optional add-on Suites for personal and business use. Easy to Customize your Twunami Tweet Workspace with click, drag, drop, resize, layer.
  13. BigTweet : BigTweet installs as a bookmarklet on all the major browsers and allows you to post to Twitter from any web page. Automatically capturing title and highlighted text. Integrated with Delicious, Ping.fm and Bit.ly.
  14. blu : Blu is a Windows Vista Twitter desktop client. With blu you can view unlimited tweets. Just keep scrolling and more tweets will be loaded and displayed automatically. it come with Tiny url integration, favorites, full conversation and tons more.
  15. Bitter – Bitter is a free social networking client that supports Twitter, Friend Feed, Plurk and Pownce. It is fully featured including the ability to follow hash tags, do Twitter searches, auto-shorten URLs, has color schemes, spell checking, intellisense, and lots more.
  16. Twikini :Twikini is a mobile twitter application made for mobile phones with Windows Mobile operating system. Twikini is completely written in native C++ code for maximum performance and the fastest load time possible.it also come with Twitpic integration to post photos with your status updates.
  17. Friendbar– A Firefox toolbar that is the best way to follow Twitter & Facebook updates, and post to your Twitter and Facebook timeline and also reply from the browser toolbar.
  18. Pocketwit : A twitter client for the Windows Mobile Professional (PocketPC) platform. The user interface design is inclined towards that of the iPhone. You can add multiple twitter and identi.ca accounts.
  19. teletwitter : telewriter is a feature rich twitter client for Windows. TeleTwitter is an application that’s used to enhance your experience with Twitter, giving you a nice, functional interface into Twitter.
  20. Twitterlicious : Twitterlicious is a Free Windows application that makes using Twitter more fun. It handles all the hard work, leaving you to read and write tweets with the minimum fuss.
  21. Twitteroo : Twitteroo is a Windows based client for Twitter. Some features supported by Twiteroo include: 1. Update your Twitter status from your Desktop 2. URL shortening via rurl.org 3. Double-click a status to message that user directly 3. View your Friends timeline or the Public timeline 4. Browse to Twitter user page or personal websites. 5. Refreshes automatically or manually 6. Set transparency for main Twitteroo window and notifications.
  22. Quakk : Quakk is an Open Source Windows Mobile Twitter Application , it allow user to set a time interval for Quakk to Update the your main timeline.
  23. FAROO – A Peer-to-peer Web Search Engine, that integrates Twitter search to discover discussions and people related to the query.
  24. Threeter : Threeter is a lightweight Twitter client for Windows. The easiest and fastest way to update your Twitter status. It so simple to send tweets to your friends Only 3 steps: press the hotkey combination, enter your message, press Enter.
  25. Tweetings : Tweetings is a small, Twitter Client for Microsoft Windows operating system that runs from the System Tray. its fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
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