Enhance your blog posts with Yahoo! Shortcuts.


yahoo shortcuts is special features designed to help you to find answers quickly relevant to your blog posts. Currently yahoo shortcuts available for only WordPress user. The Yahoo! Shortcuts powered WordPress plug-in is an easy way for webmasters to enrich blog posts with great content (maps, finance quotes, news headlines, Flickr photos, and much more.)

How it Works :

  1. Automatic Detection :

    howrks_scboximage credit :yahoo shortcuts

    As you write your blog post, yahoo Shortcuts look for Flickr photos, places, companies, products, people and much more relevant to your blog posts. If Yahoo! shortcuts finds relevant content, it will suggest you to add them on your blog post . Just click the Review this post button to see what yahoo Shortcuts found for you which is relevant to your blog post  and help you to Enhance your blog posts .

  2. Review Detected Shortcuts :

    howrks_popup image credit :yahoo shortcuts

    Each and Every shortcuts find by Yahoo shortcuts will be underlined. Now you just determine what you want to keep and how you want the Shortcut to be displayed. if found shortcuts is not suitable for your blog post then you can easily remove a Shortcut, you can either remove it individually or remove all of them at once.

  3. Beautify your content with Flickr images: 

    home_flickr image credit :yahoo shortcuts

    yahoo Shortcuts also searches the images which relevant to your blog post from yahoo Flickr and easily add to your blog post . You can resize and position the images anywhere on your post, and photos are automatically attributed to their respective authors per the Creative Commons license. See a quick video demo.

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