Yutiti – web-based resource planning and project management tool


Yutiti – web-based resource planning and project management tool

Yutiti is a web based resource planning and project management tool that allow you to schedule resources (human resources, manufacturing, construction) and projects. It provides user-friendly graphical interface, interactive Gantt charts for real time collaboration.

It make resource scheduling and planning more easy and effective. you can easily access your work from anywhere. Share Your plans with customers and colleagues in seconds. Monitor the progress of jobs while away. Also You do not have to worry about the software updates or backups.

Key Features of Yutiti:

  1. simple scheduling and planning process
  2. print and e-mail schedules
  3. interactive Gantt charts
  4. charts can be viewed for any time interval within a year
  5. easy rescheduling with drag&drop
  6. visualization of tasks by status
  7. view resource availability and allocations at a glance
  8. unlimited number of user accounts
  9. view changes in real time
  10. dashboard with plan status and current activities
  11. Easy to use Resource scheduling tool. you can immediately start scheduling after registration.
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