The 5 Best ZocDoc Clone Scripts for Doctors


ZocDoc is an Online doctor appointment booking site that allows people to find and book in-person or telemedicine appointments with doctors and healthcare professionals.

The platform also functions as a physician and dentist rating and comparison database. After ZocDoc was successful, many companies offered similar platforms or scripts.

Here are five useful ZocDoc clone scripts to build ZocDoc, like an online appointment booking service platform for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals.

ZocDoc Clone Script

1 MeetDoc – ZocDoc Clone

ZocDoc Clone Script - MeetDoc

MeetDoc is a perfect ZocDoc Clone script that helps build a fully-featured online doctor appointment booking site. It works as a platform to connect many doctors and patients globally. Make money by running Google ads and receive some commission for every booking on the platform. MeetDoc comes with many useful features and modern functionalities within your budget. – MeetDoc

2 Agriya ABS

Agriya ABS

Agriya ABS is a custom-built, customer-friendly rationalized online appointment booking system for doctors. It is designed to find the perfect doctor in a short time. Individuals can use this script to make prompt and punctual appointments very quickly. – Agriya ABS

3 Vaid

Vaid - ZocDoc Clone Script

Yet another useful ZocDoc clone script – Vaid. It is a customizable appointment booking script to fulfill the requirements of healthcare professionals. In addition, all data collected by software, such as telemedicine appointments and records, are saved for future reference. Your patient details, telemedicine appointments, and end-to-end records are encrypted per HIPPA recommendations. –  Vaid

4 Ollco

Ollco - ZocDoc Clone Script

Ollco is an Advanced ZocDoc clone script for medical professionals to build a custom medical network. It’s a platform where doctors and private clinics can register to connect with patients across the globe. Patients can easily find and book appointments with doctors, therapists, and health consultants to get expert consultations. It has many useful features and unmatched flexibility to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments. – Ollco

5 AppMD

AppMD - ZocDoc Clone Script

AppMD is an on-demand doctor appointment booking platform. The platform has a complete solution consisting of a User App, Doctor App, and Admin Dashboard. Admin dashboard helps you manage and monitor the complete activity of app users & doctors online. – AppMD

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